What to do With Those “Silica Gel Do Not Eat” Packets That Come With New Shoes

You know those Silica Gel packets that come in shoes and stuff? (It always has a big warning saying “do not eat”)

Well I just throw them out. But get this – the kids at “OMG Facts” put together a list of all the things you can actually do with these rather than tossing them away. OK you still can’t eat the stuff (not that you’d want to) but at least you can put it to good use…right?:

1. Keep your gym bag from smelling bad.


A few silica gel packs in your gym bag will prevent bacteria growth caused by moisture.

2. Keep seeds free of moisture.


Don’t lose any seeds you planned to plant by placing a few silica gel packs with your seeds.

3. Prevent tools from oxidizing.

download (1)

A few packs in your toolbox will keep them looking like new.

4.Keep linen closets dry.


5. Make your razors last longer.

download (2)
A dry razor stored in a sealed Tupperware container filled with silica gel will keep your razor from dulling out too soon.

6. Dry flowers faster.


Dry out flowers for all your crafting needs with silica gel packs.

7. Save a wet cell phone


Silica gel can be used in exchange for rice, if you need to fix a wet phone.

8. Preserve Christmas ornaments.


Toss a few silica gel packs in with your ornaments so they look like new next year.

9. Keep camera equipment dry.


A few packs in your camera bag will preserve your camera equipment.

10. Get rid of old book smell (unless you like it)


The book will need to be placed in a bag with a bunch of silica gel packs.

11. Clear up that foggy windshield


Silica gel on top of your dashboard will keep the fog away.

12. Keep dog food herbs and spices dry.


Tape a silica gel pack under the lid of the container.

13. Keep your photos safe.


Keep silica gel packs where ever you store physical copies of your photos to keep them fresh.

14. Keep condensation off of your camera lens.

download (3)

Place your foggy lens and memory card in a bag with silica gel to dry it.

15. Keep makeup and travel bags dry.


A few pieces of silica gel in a ziplock bag will keep everything dry.

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